Circular Economy Survey
How circular is the business world today? - Results of the global survey
At the beginning of 2020, the world was on track to reach record levels of greenhouse gas emissions and produce record-breaking rates of waste generation . Instead, carbon levels showed the largest drop ever due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as countries look for ways to reopen their economies while preparing for an uncertain future, some see this as an opportunity to replace old models with more sustainable approaches.
Jun. 8 2020
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  • Safe home office work place
    Workplace health and safety in the age of the home office
    In early 2020, measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered offices around the world, making telework a global norm. While many countries have now come out of lockdown, concern over sanitary risk has led many employers to continue to encourage home working.

    As an employer, you are responsible for protecting employees from workplace hazards, even when they are working from home. Organizing large-scale remote risk assessments in the current context is complicated. An effective way to help promote health and safety amongst your newly remote employees – many of whom may never have worked from home – is to communicate the potential hazards, encourage them to assess the risks, and share good practices.
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    Apr. 20 2020
  • health and safety
    Over the last ten years, the world of work has changed dramatically. Digital tools and increased connectivity have enabled flexible working conditions for office employees. At the same time, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence have partly automated many tasks for employees on the shop floor. These profound changes to the ways in which we work have a direct impact on occupational health and safety.
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    Aug. 2 2019 - 4 min