Client operations audits

Client operations audits

Companies need to make sure the quality, safety and compliance standards they set are applied across their business. Bureau Veritas acts as your eyes and ears on the ground.

Demand for client operations audits is increasing in the foodservice, retail and hospitality industries. These businesses operate a large number of sites and risk management is highly complex.

While ISO standards are useful, a customized checklist is often the most efficient way to control a large number of sites. Bureau Veritas uses standards developed by our clients to audit their operations, or we support them in creating their own standards.

Key benefits

  • Ensure consistent application

    of your company-defined standards across your business

  • Customize your audit program

    to verify compliance with local regulations

  • Control a large number of sites efficiently

    thanks to a customized checklist

  • Audit multiple locations worldwide

    thanks to our global network

  • Benefit from Bureau Veritas’ extensive experience

    with client operations audits

Food safety and operations

Foodservice companies can evaluate compliance with food safety and hygiene standards using a food safety checklist. This reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses and helps avoid fines, legal action or business shutdown. A general food safety checklist evaluates food storage, handling and preparation procedures. Inspections lead to corrective actions and recommendations. Bureau Veritas carries out food safety and operations audits for all types of restaurants and fast food chains worldwide.

Manufacturing sites

Bureau Veritas audits manufacturing facilities against client checklists. These audits may cover such aspects as quality management, health & safety, environment and legal applications. They can also verify whether local sites are applying the right procedures for sustainable sourcing.