Digital services

Digital services

Bureau Veritas provides a range of digital services to support you along the path to certification. These digital solutions make it easier than ever for you to manage the certification process, obtain training and knowledge and assess and improve your preparedness. Our digital services offer our clients greater convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Digital training 

Bureau Veritas’ digital training solutions provide your employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the highest levels of performance, safety, responsibility and compliance. Our digital options cover a wide range of standards, and are a convenient, flexible solution to your particular training needs. Our digital offer includes webinars, e-learning programs, Virtual Classroom courses and digital self-assessment tools.

I-check for cyber & data

The digital revolution brings greater convenience, but also new kinds of risk. Addressing data protection and cyber security risks requires a comprehensive, meticulous approach. Our user-friendly iCheck for Cyber & Data app supports organizations to seamlessly assess their preparedness.

The Client portal

Bureau Veritas’ online client portal, Maestro, allows clients to manage their certification process with ease. The portal allows users to seamlessly access, track and share information related to audits and contracts, and communicate directly with Bureau Veritas auditors and project managers.

Client Satisfaction Survey

Client feedback is key to providing our customers with the best possible certification experience. One way we collect feedback is through our online customer satisfaction survey. Clients are invited to take the survey, which is available in 11 languages, by e-mail two weeks after an audit. You can also take the survey by clicking here.