Energy management


Sustainably managing energy is a central pillar of tackling climate change and future-proofing businesses. From increasing use of renewable energies to limiting overall energy use, companies have many ways to improve their energy management and align with international energy targets.

Bureau Veritas offers certification and verification services to companies looking to reduce environmental impact by improving energy management across their business. Our experts enable organizations to certify their energy management systems, earn energy savings certificates and prove the sustainable origins of bioenergy powering their operations.

Improving ENERGY MANAGEMENT practices

Energy efficiency and reduction are highly prized by companies looking to future-proof their business and limit costs and environmental impact. Bureau Veritas provides certification to ISO 50001, the international standard for Energy Management Systems, helping organizations establish and implement a policy to monitor, manage, predict and reduce energy use. 

Ensuring sustainably produced BIOENERGY

To make operations more sustainable, companies are turning to Bioenergy, a renewable energy derived from biological sources. However, businesses must ensure that the bioenergy or biofuels powering their operations are the product of a fully sustainable supply chain. Bureau Veritas offers voluntary certification schemes that enable companies to prove the green credentials of their bioenergy from end-to-end.

Gaining energy savings certificates

Companies can reduce costs and improve their sustainable business practices by prioritizing energy saving improvements and verifying the impact of these changes. Bureau Veritas France provides verified Energy Saving Certificates to companies that have limited energy use and comply with the framework of the European Agreement on Climate and Energy.