ISO 55001 Asset Management System certification

Asset Management System 

(ISO 55001)


Businesses need to protect the value of their physical and non-material assets. By certifying to ISO 55001 Asset Management System, your organization can lower costs, maximize return in investment (ROI) and optimize growth throughout the asset life cycle.

Companies are expected to rigorously and proactively manage their physical and non-physical assets throughout their life cycle. From machinery, to intellectual property, to vehicles and buildings, assets must be safeguarded, to maintain value and ensure customer trust and personnel safety.  
To help companies protect their assets, Bureau Veritas offers certification to the ISO 55001 standard, an internationally recognized Asset Management System. With ISO 55001, you can set priorities for asset management that balance cost efficiency and risk, and embed a culture of continual improvement throughout your organization.

Key benefits

  • Set asset management objectives

    based on identified risks

  • Identify areas for improvement

    by implementing ISO 55001

  • Demonstrate excellence

    in asset management, optimizing asset performance and ROI

  • Implement a company-wide

    asset management policy specific to your business context and stakeholder needs

  • Provide transparency

    on asset management procedures to reassure stakeholders and enhance your reputation

  • Gain certification

    from Bureau Veritas, a leading certification body

Protecting your business’ assets

ISO 55001 enables companies to manage their assets responsibly and effectively throughout their life cycle. By certifying to ISO 55001, organizations can safeguard a variety of assets, identifying risks and implementing company-wide policies and procedures for asset protection.

Implementing a comprehensive management system

The ISO 55001 Asset Management System can be used by any organization with a portfolio of physical or intangible assets to manage. By establishing an asset management policy, companies can define responsibilities, allocate resources, facilitate communications, manage changing portfolios and evaluate performance for continual improvement. 

Cementing your reputation for asset protection 

Certification by Bureau Veritas is a strong indication of your company’s commitment to excellence and reliability. ISO 55001 certification enhances your reputation by offering transparency to your stakeholders, while embedding asset management best practices in your company culture.

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