Our accreditations

Our accreditations

The value of our clients’ certification is underpinned by our accreditation by the world’s most recognized bodies.

Bureau Veritas offers a large range of accredited certifications thanks to its large portfolio of accreditations. We are recognized by the most widely recognized international accreditation bodies, including UKAS and ANAB in addition to local accreditation bodies.

Accreditations guarantee the rigor of the audit and certification process. Bureau Veritas follows strict procedures to comply with the requirements of our accreditation bodies, to preserve our licenses to operate.

We strongly believe in the value of accredited certification. Audits conducted according to rigorous standards highlight pertinent non-conformities, assisting our clients to continuously improve their business processes and performance.


  • Gain reassurance

    on the value of your certificate thanks to our portfolio of accreditations

  • Reap the benefits

    of a rigorous audit process, through identification of relevant non-conformities that provide the insight to transform your business

  • Bureau Veritas offers a large range of accredited certifications

    including UKAS and ANAB

Meeting the demands of our accreditation bodies

Bureau Veritas works hard to satisfy the strict demands of its various accreditation bodies. This includes ensuring our auditors’ skills are up-to-date, and putting in place processes to ensure the quality and timely completion of the work we deliver to clients.

Accreditation body assessments: a guarantee of quality

Bureau Veritas teams undergo over 1000 days of assessments each year by our accreditation bodies, and must resolve any non-conformities highlighted to maintain accreditation. For our clients, this process acts as a badge of quality: our accreditations are up-to-date, and guarantee the value of your certificate.

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