Climate Change


Climate change is a defining concern of the modern era, and governments, businesses and individuals are seeking ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

Companies are increasingly setting carbon neutral and net zero targets to demonstrate their contributions to limiting global temperature increases to within 1.5°C of 1990 levels. To accomplish this, companies have three priorities: reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations, sustainably managing internal and supply chain energy consumption, and offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions.

Bureau Veritas helps companies manage their energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint with training for a range of standardized industry approaches. From carbon footprinting to green finance, Bureau Veritas provides audits, independent certification and verification of businesses’ efforts to mitigate their climate change impact.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint verification enables companies to accurately assess and report on their carbon emissions and identify areas for improvement. To be effective, it requires accurate data. Bureau Veritas verifies businesses to a variety of voluntary standards and regulatory schemes for carbon footprinting, enabling organizations to reduce emissions and prioritize sustainable operations. Read on

Certification for carbon offsets and removals

Carbon Offset and GHG Removal schemes enable companies to limit or balance out their greenhouse gas emissions and minimize their environmental impact. Bureau Veritas validates and verifies carbon offsetting and removal initiatives, proving the legitimacy of carbon credits and helping companies achieve carbon neutral and net zero operations. Read on

Providing transparency to carbon neutral claims

To prove their commitment to slowing climate change and limiting environmental impact, companies must justify claims of Carbon Neutrality business practices. Bureau Veritas provides third party verification and certification to your preferred standard. These standards require companies to monitor carbon output, identify areas of inefficiency, measure emissions reductions and buy the right quantity of carbon credits to offset their residual emissions. Read on

Achieving net zero emissions

For companies to achieve net zero emissions, they must implement business practices across the supply chain that leave no net impact on the climate. Bureau Veritas helps companies with carbon footprint verification, assessing the results of GHG removal projects and reduction initiatives, and verifying reports on progress towards their net zero objectives.

Verifying green finance investments

Organizations are increasingly investing in Green Finance projects that contribute to a low-carbon and climate change-resilient economy. Bureau Veritas provides certification to climate bond standards and green bond principles, helping businesses verify the positive impact of their investments and provide transparency to investors and stakeholders. Read on

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