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Ensuring consumer privacy is a major challenge for businesses in the era of connectivity and big data. By adopting and certifying to rigorous data protection standards, companies can assure consumers that their data will remain secure. 

From mobile phones, to connected objects, to smart buildings, consumers are surrounded by technologies that store their data. To protect consumers’ private information, the EU introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR tightens controls on companies dealing with EU citizens’ data and imposes significant fines for non-compliance. 

To help companies comply with GDPR standards, Bureau Veritas has developed a voluntary Data Protection Certification Scheme, based on a Technical Standard. The Technical Standard enables companies to implement comprehensive data protection processes, prevent potential security breaches, safeguard customer privacy, and protect critical data assets.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrate compliance

    with GDPR requirements by certifying to the Technical Standard

  • Safeguard your reputation

    by protecting consumer data and preventing data breaches

  • Earn customers’ trust

    by taking a lifecycle approach to data management that demonstrates digital responsibility

  • Inspire

    confidence in your data handling processes with certification from Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas’ Data Protection Technical Standard 

Compliance with GDPR requires a holistic approach to data protection that considers the complete life cycle of personal data. Bureau Veritas’ Data Protection Certification Scheme’s Technical Standard can help companies devise and implement policies to comply with GDPR and equivalent regulations outside the EU. 

Target compliance with GDPR

By implementing and certifying to Bureau Veritas’ voluntary Technical Standard, companies can offer independent assurance of compliance with GDPR regulations. Internal and external parties can rest assured that data protection controls have been applied across the organization, risks have been addressed and employees have received training.

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