Integrated management system certification

Integrated management system certification

Organizations today seek a holistic view of the quality, health & safety and environmental (QHSE) risks they face. Integrated management system certification to recognized international standards by Bureau Veritas enables you to manage risks efficiently and improve reputation.

Regulation and public scrutiny of companies’ QHSE performance is on the increase. Quality issues, poor labor practices or weak management of environmental impacts can hit reputation and revenues, and harm your ability to hire talented employees. Implementation of QHSE management system standards is an important first step to managing risk.

Bureau Veritas offers integrated management system certification to internationally recognized standards. These include ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. By integrating your management systems and your certification program, you can gain visibility, better track performance and reduce the cost of audits.

Key benefits

  • Implement a range of QHSE and Enterprise Risk

    management systems

  • Gain a holistic view

    of the risks facing your company and the effectiveness of your actions to manage them

  • Reduce the cost of audits,

    thanks to fewer auditor man days and efficient use of internal teams’ time

  • Include Health & Safety management for the first time

    in your integrated program

  • Gain globally-recognized accredited certification

    by Bureau Veritas

Manage risks holistically thanks to the High Level Structure

ISO has recently updated its management system certification standards for QHSE and Enterprise Risks to ensure they meet the needs of modern businesses. All certification standards now have a shared High Level Structure, with common processes for identifying risk and preparing documentation. As a result, companies can adopt management system certification standards to address all the risks to their business. These range from major QHSE risks, to governance risks such as anti-bribery management and asset management, and operational risks including information security and business continuity.

Improve the cost efficiency of audits with integrated management system certification

Adopting a holistic approach to risk management can be highly efficient when you choose to certify with a single certification body such as Bureau Veritas. By carrying out all audits at once, you can reduce the number of man days spent by Bureau Veritas auditors. The process is also less time-consuming for internal teams and can help avoid audit fatigue. Finally, you receive each audit report in the same format, enabling you to easily understand your results, and areas for improvement.

Integrate Health & Safety into your risk management

Holistic risk management just got easier thanks to the introduction of ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Unlike the previous OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 is an accredited standard that uses ISO’s High Level Structure, meaning it can be audited alongside other ISO standards as part of an integrated management system certification program.

Integrated management system certification with Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas offers one of the widest range of standards and accreditations of any certification body. We provide certification to all major ISO standards, as well as specialist industry standards and certification to address emerging risks. Using Bureau Veritas for your audits enables you to address the risks relevant to your business, while benefiting from the visibility and efficiency that comes from using a single auditing body. 

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