Our 4 Essentials

Your experience of the certification journey is as important to us as the success of your projects. So, we asked you what you expect of us – and listened.

Bureau Veritas is committed being your trusted, loyal partner as you face the evolving challenges of our age. To offer you the best possible certification journey, we have developed “4 Essentials” – the four fundamentals we want to define your experience with us. Our “4 Essentials,” are the backbone of the service we provide our customers. 

Clear & transparent 

Understandably, you want to know what will happen during an audit and when. You want to be able to ask questions easily throughout the certification process, and Bureau Veritas commits to providing you with comprehensive, comprehensible answers. 

We want you, as our client, to feel unstressed. You’ll know to expect and how decisions are made. You will feel be prepared for your audit


When it comes to certification, the unexpected is unwelcome. You know you can rely on the expertise of our auditors. No last-minute rescheduling, no errors in important documents and no unnecessary paperwork. 

We want you to feel confident, and that everything is going as planned. There are no surprises.


Our mission is to make the certification process as pain-free for clients as possible, especially when issues arise. Our experts understand that the stakes are high and have a thorough knowledge of your business and your needs. 

We want your relationship with us to be effortless. We do our utmost to make the relationship easy. 


You expect to find in us a loyal and attentive partner, and that is exactly what we aim to be. Building a relationship with our clients based on trust is paramount. We are at your side through every step of what can be a challenging process, to make sure both the result and the process of your certification journey are successful and enriching.

We want you to see us as a “real partner” that helps you progress, without lecturing you.