Retail network audits

Retail network audits

Your brand is a valuable asset. Bureau Veritas helps protect brand image by achieving conformity throughout owned, managed and franchised networks.

A brand is often the reason consumers will choose one product over another. Ensuring that customers receive the same standard of service and see the same visual elements of the brand in every outlet they visit is central to protecting brand image. This applies especially to businesses with extensive retail networks or franchises such as banks, car dealerships, hotels and retail stores. 

Bureau Veritas mystery shopper visits and audits ensure your standards are respected throughout the network. Our specialists can develop a customized audit checklist or work with your existing one.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure consistent

    branding, service quality and customer experiences throughout your network

  • Focus on

    your core business by outsourcing audits of franchisors and employees

  • Quickly detect weak points

    thanks to checklists customized to your business

  • Leverage Bureau Veritas’ global network and extensive expertise

    in retail network audits

Network conformity audit

Network conformity audit

Retailers, restaurants and hoteliers use network conformity audits to evaluate customer experience against defined standards. By visiting various network locations, inspectors verify compliance with technical and operational standards. Buildings are inspected for their signage, layout and cleanliness. Products are checked for stock levels, storage conditions and sell-by dates. Employees are audited for their adherence to uniform standards and service quality.

Dealer audit services

Dealer audit services

Bureau Veritas works with vehicle manufacturers and distributors to audit their dealer networks. Audits determine whether dealership facilities and processes are in line with manufacturers’ standards. This may include sales, post-sales, spare parts or installation processes. Inspectors look at aspects such as visibility, branding, product placement, labeling, service delivery, procedures, training and equipment.