Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to trace the lifecycle of a product from beginning to end, assessing its green credentials along the way. Proving products come from a sustainable, responsibly managed supply chain – including sourcing, production and distribution – can be a key differentiator for businesses.

Bureau Veritas offers certification services for a wide range of industries, from forestry and biomaterials, to metals and minerals, to seafood and agriculture. Companies can benefit from independent verification of their supply chains and business practices, proving end-to-end responsible sourcing for safe and traceable products.

Responsible sourcing for forest and wood

Adopting responsible Forest and Timber sourcing practices throughout the chain of custody is key to preventing deforestation. Certification to standards like EUTR, PEFC®, OLB, FSC™ and SFI helps companies prove the socially and environmentally responsible origins of their forest and timber products.

Ethically sourcing metals and minerals

Metal and Minerals extraction is a high-risk business, and companies must guarantee ethical labor and sourcing practices across the value chain. Initiatives like the ASI, LBMA and RJC allow companies to prove due diligence and responsible business practices for aluminum, minerals, precious metals and jewelry.   

Voluntary certification for biomaterials

Using Biofuels and Biomass enables companies to adopt a sustainable, low-carbon energy source, provided those biofuels are renewably sourced from end-to-end. Several voluntary biofuels certification schemes – including 2BSvs, ISCC EU, ISCC, RedCert EU, RED 2 Directive, KZR INiG – help companies comply with requirements for sustainability. ISCC PLUS certification further expands the scope to non-fuel biomaterials, such as bioplastics, whose use must be minimized as companies target more circular business models.

Supporting best practices for seafood

Stakeholders throughout the food supply chain expect seafood to be safely and responsibly sourced, leaving a limited impact on marine ecosystems. Bureau Veritas offers certification to Sustainable Seafood standards such as Global G.A.P., MSC, ASC, BAP and more, helping organizations promote responsible aquaculture across the supply chain.