iCheck for Cyber & Data

Managing cyber risks and data protection effectively requires a comprehensive approach. Bureau Veritas’ iCheck for Cyber & Data app helps companies assess their preparedness.

An increasingly connected world brings new types of risk. Information security breaches and cyber-attacks can threaten business continuity, and spell significant financial and reputational damage. Regulatory and consumer pressure for more robust, comprehensive data protection and cyber security is mounting. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to protect customers’ private information or risk hefty fines for noncompliance.

To help organizations get up to speed and take action on cyber and information security risk, Bureau Veritas has developed iCheck for Cyber & Data. This app enables companies to determine their readiness, and provides insight on how to bridge any gaps in their data management and cybersecurity processes. 

Key benefits

  • Determine and improve your maturity

    on GDPR and cyber risk via custom checklists, and learn about our training and certification solutions

  • Gain valuable, actionable insights

    that can help you bridge any gaps in your data regulation and cybersecurity processes

  • Safeguard your reputation

    by ensuring adherence to best practices needed to securely protect data and prevent breaches

Improve your cybersecurity and data protection 

Comprehensive information security processes are essential to protecting consumer data. The iCheck for Cyber & Data app provides you with a predefined rating based on your company’s current data protection and cybersecurity practices. This score helps you to understand your information security weaknesses. As a result, you are better-informed to take action to improve your data handling processes and to prevent potential security breaches. 

Assess your preparedness 

Preventing security breaches starts with evaluating risk and preparedness. The iCheck for Cyber & Data app’s custom checklists help you to assess your company’s maturity level on GDPR and cyber risks. Quick results enable you to take action to bridge any gaps in your data management processes and cybersecurity practices.