Security Maturity

Security Maturity Review

For maximum protection, businesses must address cybersecurity in a holistic way with the involvement and commitment of multiple stakeholders. Bureau Veritas offers businesses a complete picture of the maturity of their organization in terms of information security and cyber resilience.

In today’s fast-evolving digital world, companies need to take control of their digital security with a 360° security approach that ensures an appropriate level of conformity in terms of people, process and technology.

Bureau Veritas supports organizations in achieving this with a comprehensive and industry-specific portfolio of cybersecurity assessment services. A global network of leading, fully accredited and licensed cybersecurity experts implements our suite of services. Our services comprise industrial security (OT), information technology security (IT), and connected products security (IoT).

  • Gain a complete picture

    of the strengths and weaknesses in your cybersecurity with a thorough review of your company’s security maturity

  • Access

    expert-led, industry-specific assessment, training and simulation services for industrial security, information technology and connected product security

  • Boost company reputation

    with certification to internationally recognized, sector-specific security certification

Industrial security

Industrial organizations rely on infrastructure controlled through operational technology (OT) for which safety, reliability and availability are essential. Bureau Veritas’ portfolio of OT services includes security awareness training, site security assessment to internationally recognized standards, and red teaming. This last service enables simulation of a full-spectrum cyberattack in an OT environment.

Information Technology

Organizations today depend on information technology (IT) to manage key business processes, so protecting their connected systems is paramount. To this end, Bureau Veritas provides security training, risk assessments, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and IT Red Teaming. We also certify to the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security Management.

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