Verified Reporting

Responsible communication

Responsible communication is key to building lasting trust between companies and stakeholders, partners and consumers. For organizations, this means ensuring that the information reported about their social and environmental impact and businesses practices is not only true and unbiased, but verifiable.

Bureau Veritas’ work as an independent third party enables companies to prove that their social and environmental data is an honest and comprehensive reflection of their operations. From sustainability report assurance to project finance, Bureau Veritas’ verification is a trusted stamp of approval on the CSR and sustainability data companies produce.


Open and accurate communication about environmental impact is now a baseline requirement for businesses looking to build and maintain consumer trust. As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas helps companies verify their Sustainability Reporting, providing a comprehensive and accurate picture of a company’s environmental footprint. 

Prove sustainable practices to win project financing

Businesses looking to win Green Financing must prove their projects meet high levels of environmental and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas helps clients prove that the organization, processes and practices behind their projects are socially responsible and sustainable, helping them access key funds for project development.