With 75,000 employees working in 140 different countries, our workforce is our most valuable asset.

The health, safety, well-being and development of our people are priorities.

By promoting an inclusive environment, we strive to Shape a Better Workplace.

OUR VALUE creation

  • Positive impact on the lives of millions of people

  • Health and safety are Group absolutes 

  • Human capital development with a growing number of learning hours

  • Comprehensive framework in line with digital and societal challenges 

  • Growing number of women in management positions

  • Monitoring and taking action to close any gender pay gaps. In 2020, at the non-management level this female/male ratio is 1.00, based on 74 countries covering 76% of our employees1

1: In 2019, at the non-management level this female/male ratio is 1.02 based on 42 countries covering 67% of our employees.


Bureau Veritas contribution to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:


UNO sustainable development goal number 3 5 and 8 with text in English

OUR commitment

  • Guaranteeing each worker an accident-free workplace: achieve 0.26 accident rate (TAR2) by 2025
  • Reaching 35% of female representation in leadership positions3 by 2025
  • Achieving 35 training hours per employee (per annum) by 2025
  • Fostering an inclusive environment to ensure diversity  
  • Ensuring an environment that enables all workers at Bureau Veritas to learn and grow
  • Enhancing the expertise of our employees in order to provide our services
  • Engaging our people by actively listening and measuring feedbacks
  • Complying with the Human Rights principles
  • Fighting against discrimination

2: TAR: Total Accident Rate (number of accidents with and without lost time x 200,000/number of hours worked).

3: Proportion of Women from Executive Committee to Band III (internal grade i.e. “management” or “leadership” position) in the Group.

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