Cybersecurity IEC62443

Industrial automation and control systems (IEC 62443)

IEC 62443 is the reference for cybersecurity in multiple industries. It applies a 360° approach, providing requirements for industrial components as well as larger industrial systems. Bureau Veritas’ training, testing and certification offer supports companies to meet its stringent requirements.

IEC 62443 is an internationally recognized family of standards that provide a complete framework for assessing various players in the field of industrial automation and control. Originally designed to be used for industrial control systems, IEC 62443 is now considered a relevant standard across a number of industries due to the holistic way in which its requirements are expressed.

The IEC family of standards is the undisputed reference for industrial cybersecurity covering components and systems. Bureau Veritas supports clients seeking to achieve IEC 62443 compliance by providing industry-specific training, testing and certification.

  • Enhance your knowledge

    of this world-leading standard with specialized training from a worldwide network of experts

  • Assess your products

    and systems against the standard’s requirements to make sure you are setting your cybersecurity bar as high as possible

  • Boost your reputation

    and send a powerful message to all stakeholders through IEC 62443 certification with a trusted independent body

Bureau Veritas provides cybersecurity training courses, testing services and accredited certification to IEC 62443 standards for forward-thinking companies in a range of industries, taking into account their specificities and various needs. 

Cybersecurity training

Bureau Veritas offers expert-led training courses in IEC 62443 compliance for industrial asset owners, industrial products, and IOT and medical devices.

Cybersecurity testing

Our IEC 62443 testing services for the above sectors cover both product and system testing, enabling companies to assess the security of both the devices they sell and their systems as a whole.

Certification services

Our international network of auditors is accredited to certify companies to the IEC 62443 standard in terms of organization and process security, product development processes, and product and system security. Certification offers manufacturers a significant market advantage and helps asset owners and system integrators minimize the risk of security breaches and improve their brand image.

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Cybersecurity & Data Protection

We increasingly depend on information technology to manage our key business processes at work, as well as in our private lives. Any new service invariably becomes connected through IT systems, networks, software and the internet. This in turn makes them more vulnerable to hostile or accidental security breaches. At Bureau Veritas, we independently confirm that you (and your suppliers) meet cybersecurity regulations and standardized criteria to mitigate that risk.

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