Your path to certification

Your path to certification

To achieve certification, you need to undergo a number of steps with an accredited certification body. This rigorous process underpins the value of your certification.

For the certification process to be successful in the eyes of internal stakeholders, it needs to proceed as smoothly as possible. All requirements must be fully understood by everyone involved in auditing and reporting. Reports and findings need to be easily accessible, shared and analyzed. Our auditors and project managers create value by supporting you throughout your certification journey, ensuring that it is as straightforward and seamless as possible. 

The certification journey

Your certification journey begins the moment you first make contact with us. You will be supported every step of the way.

The certification process

Certification is typically a six-step process, conducted according to criteria determined by the accreditation body, and validated along the way with relevant deliverables.  Bureau Veritas aims to be a supportive partner on your path to certification. 

What is an audit cycle?

The audit cycle comprises four types of evaluation designed to assess your business at different points in the cycle. It is essential to gaining, maintaining and renewing certification. Careful management of audit timing is critical to optimizing certification continuity and preventing disruptions.   

Promoting your certification

Bureau Veritas certification represents a commitment to excellence, so when you earn the right to use our prestigious seal of approval, you should tell the world! With logo use guidelines and communications support, we are on hand to make sure you optimize this competitive advantage. 

The Global Certification Program

As you work towards and achieve certification for the management of more and more types of risk, a global certification program to centralize projects becomes indispensable. The benefits of a centralized approach to certification include greater efficiency and consistency, increased organizational control and enhanced opportunities for improvement.

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    certification products and auditing solutions

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    companies certified around the world

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