VDA 6.x

VDA 6.x Quality management system certification

For suppliers of parts, service or process to German  automotive players, VDA 6.x compliance is quickly becoming a must. Bureau Veritas provides a range of auditing and certification services for this set of rigorous German automotive quality standards.

VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) 6.x is a set of automotive quality standards developed by Germany’s national automaker association. Required by all major German automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, the VDA 6.x framework is also officially recognized in France and Italy. This makes VDA 6.x critical for players hoping to compete in the European automotive sector.

With a global network of over 250 automotive auditors, Bureau Veritas provides VDA 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4 certification, as well as VDA 6.3 process audits. Whether you’re a supplier, service provider or parts manufacturer, Bureau Veritas partners with you to meet your VDA 6.x needs.

Key benefits

  • Qualify your organization

    to supply parts and services to German and other European suppliers

  • Inspire confidence

    throughout the automotive value chain by demonstrating compliance with some of the industry’s toughest quality standards

  • Optimize performance

    by continuously identifying and addressing key areas for improvement

  • Detect and reduce risk

    through VDA 6 series compliant Quality Management Systems’ robust framework for risk management

VDA 6.1

Parts suppliers for automotive manufacturing across the automotive value chain must demonstrate that their processes and products meet the highest quality standards. Certification against VDA 6.1 by Bureau Veritas helps you meet this challenge. VDA 6.1 certification enables you to demonstrate the integrity and efficiency of your management system to Europe’s major automotive suppliers.  

VDA 6.2

Achieving compliance and earning customer trust is a top priority for automotive suppliers and service providers. Cement your reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency with Bureau Veritas’ VDA 6.2 certification and auditing services. Devised specifically for parts suppliers and service providers, this QMS certification enables you to meet regulatory requirements and earn worldwide recognition for the excellence of your organization and processes.

VDA 6.3

VDA 6.3 is a process audit specifically for suppliers that assesses for quality, efficiency and risk management. Bureau Veritas’ team of expert automotive auditors is accredited to provide VDA 6.3 audits. The rigor of process audits to VDA 6.3 helps you ensure that your manufacturing processes achieve the highest levels of quality and prove it to premium car makers.

VDA 6.4

As a supplier of production equipment, demonstrating the quality, safety and reliability of your machines, tools and inspection equipment is critical. VDA 6.4 is a Quality Management Systems standard for production equipment suppliers. Certification to VDA 6.4 by Bureau Veritas enables you to show that your products and processes meet the highest standards.

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