The global certification program

The global certification program

As more new certification schemes emerge, the benefits of a centralized system with a single, trusted certification body are many: cost and time savings, greater organizational control and more opportunities for improvement.

Companies today operate in a tough business environment. They have to juggle increasingly strict environmental regulations, competition from emerging markets, new risks linked to our digital-dependent age and greater consumer scrutiny of issues like ethics and sustainability.

To manage risk and gain competitive advantage, more and more organizations are adopting multiple third-party certification
standards. Conscious of the need to streamline and simplify implementation and management of their certifications, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly cognizant of the benefits of a centralized global program delivered by a single certification partner. 

Key benefits

  • Achieve greater consistency

    by taking a centralized, global approach

  • Reduce costs and save time

    with a contract with a single certification body

  • Boost the visibility

    of management systems across your entire organization

  • Foster continuous improvement

    by facilitating the sharing of best practices across sites

Centralize your management systems certification program

The management systems certification market has grown fast to meet rising demand. As they seek to implement a range of standards in multiple sites around the world, companies are increasingly turning to global contracts that offer a centralized approach to certification. 

Maximize organizational control

Greater visibility over company-wide management processes and data gives global headquarters better insights into everything from QHSE issues to suppliers, operational costs and audit deployments across sites. This enables closer and more responsive management of potential problems. Tighter control of management systems across sites reduces the risk of supplier non-compliance at a local level, minimizing delays and avoiding costly product recalls. 

Optimize cost and time

Implementing a global contract with a single accreditation body optimizes costs, and reduces the time your teams spend on certification. By limiting the number of external auditors and man-days required, and making more efficient use of everyone’s time, centralized certification can deliver significant savings. 

Achieve continuous improvement across your organization

A holistic approach to certification enhances your company’s ability to measure, compare and track progress. A centralized system offers opportunities for best practice sharing across sites and countries, along with greater insight into recurring problems throughout your organization. Ensuring access to the same level of auditor expertise at all sites ensures consistency of service quality.   

Bureau Veritas: A reliable, global partner

As a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services, and a pioneer in global certification contracts, Bureau Veritas is renowned for its vast geographical reach, market expertise and rigorous approach. With more than 7,500 auditors delivering over 100 certification products and auditing solutions, it is no wonder that more than 60% of all Fortune 500 companies use Bureau Veritas Certification. 

  • Companies certified around the world


    Companies certified around the world

  • Auditors worldwide


    Auditors worldwide

  • Certificates delivered globally


    Certificates delivered globally