Our client portal: Maestro

Maestro, our online client portal, is a one-stop solution for managing all aspects of your certification journey.

The certification journey can be a complicated process, especially when it comes to large, multi-site certification programs. Maestro, Bureau Veritas’ online client portal, streamlines the process. 

Maestro allows you to view, process and share information relating to audits and contracts in a single, secure location. The easy-to-use portal simplifies the administrative tasks associated with certification, facilitates communication among your teams and with our project managers and auditors, and provides key insights into your audit performance and corrective actions.

Seamlessly manage audit scheduling and certification status

Maestro allows you to manage the global status of all your organization’s projects, at any time and place. It allows users to schedule audits online, and track the closure of non-conformities. The skills database allows us to identify the right people for your certification project, while the back-office component ensures scheduling efficiency and quality workflow. 

Easily access and share information

The platform provides access to contracts, audit reports, certificates, invoices and other certification-related documents all in one place. This facilitates the exchange of key information across your organization.

Facilitate communication with Bureau Veritas

Maestro also provides an efficient way to communicate with key contacts, including auditors. Customized real-time alerts and notifications keep you up to date with important information (e.g. upcoming audits, report availability). You can also ask questions directly on the platform, and request a quote for new services.

Benefit from advanced reporting and analytics

The online platform compiles audit data to generate key performance indicators, and offer comprehensive, actionable reporting and graphical representation of your audit results. This downloadable information enables you to fully understand and make the most of your certification journey.