Responsible production

Everyday business activities can have an outsized impact on the environment, polluting water, wasting energy and leaving waste materials untreated. Stakeholders and the general public are increasingly holding companies accountable for their impacts. They expect businesses to take a proactive approach to responsible production.

Bureau Veritas provides certification and customized audits to a wide range of sustainability standards, enabling businesses to achieve responsible production. Energy, waste and water management are at the heart of our offer, helping organizations achieve strategic objectives for implementing sustainable operations and limiting environmental impact.

A holistic standard for environmental management

Companies must increasingly prove their commitment to limiting their Environmental Management impact and take a proactive role in implementing sustainable business practices. Bureau Veritas certifies companies to ISO 14001, enabling them to boost sustainability, reduce environmental impact and integrate life cycle thinking and circular economy principles into everyday operations.

Water management from end-to-end

Implementing sustainable Water Management practices across operations and the supply chain is key to achieving fully responsible production processes. With certification to standards like ISO 14046 and the Alliance for Water Stewardship, businesses can prove their commitment to sustainable water use, implementing actionable, traceable policies.

Eco-friendly waste management

Businesses looking to prove their recycling credentials and responsible Waste Management practices must first assess waste impacts across the value chain. Certification to standards such as ISO 14001 and the Zero Waste Management standard helps companies identify areas for improvement, rethink materials recycling and reduce environmental impact.