Waste management

Reducing waste is an important first step for companies looking to move towards a circular economy business model. Bureau Veritas helps clients tackle waste by optimizing processes and increasing their use of recycled materials.    

A considerable part of many organizations’ ecological footprint is the waste produced by industrial processes. Inefficient waste management can lead to financial losses, and are a primary cause of environmental degradation. To achieve more sustainable waste management, organizations must adopt a different perspective on materials recycling and reuse. By implementing waste management procedures that support closed-loop recycling, waste or byproducts become new products, businesses can reduce environmental impacts and achieve cost savings.     

Key benefits

  • Reduce environmental impact

    by adopting a systematic approach to sustainable waste management

  • Enhance your reputation

    through international certification to ISO 14001 with Bureau Veritas

  • Integrate sustainable waste management

    into your business strategy to increase efficiency and reduce financial losses from waste

  • Future-proof your business

    by addressing waste management in advance of legislation

Addressing waste impacts with ISO 14001

Many companies identify waste as a key environmental impact, which they address via their Environmental Management System (EMS). ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is the most widely recognized standard for environmental management. Companies set their own objectives and develop processes to achieve them. As such, ISO 14001 can be used to help minimize waste and move towards closed-loop recycling. With certification from Bureau Veritas, companies can prove their commitment to sustainable business.

Minimizing electronic waste worldwide

From laptops to televisions, electronics contain numerous materials that are toxic to the environment. Companies in the EU and North America can adopt verification schemes to help ensure safe end-of-life and recycling processes for electronic devices. As digital technology is increasingly integrated across industries, businesses can get ahead of the curve by managing electronic wastes now.