Our expertise

In certifying their management systems with Bureau Veritas, our clients choose peace of mind and a badge of quality. Our experienced auditors located close to our clients’ sites, our accreditations and our commitment to impartiality, enable us to provide high quality audits. The information we provide in our audit reports adds value to our clients’ businesses by identifying non-conformities. By acting on these insights, our clients are able to target continual improvement.

Our auditors and project managers

Bureau Veritas’ global auditor network is one of our greatest strengths. Our auditors bring years of experience: around three-quarters are Lead Auditors, meaning you benefit from the skills of the most experienced auditors in the industry. You can also rely on the same level of auditor skill in every country, thanks to our auditor training programs and centralized quality control.

Our accreditations

Bureau Veritas offers one of the widest portfolios of standards of any certification body, backed up by over 85 accreditations. These are issued by the most widely recognized international accreditation bodies, including UKAS and ANAB, as well as local accreditation bodies. These accreditations guarantee the value of our certificates, enabling our clients to demonstrate their commitment to continual improvement.


Impartiality is one of our core values and also a key element in our Code of Ethics. Read our Statement of Impartiality to understand the standards we abide by as a certification body, and how we commit to doing business.

7,400+auditors worldwide
85+accreditations delivered by national and international accreditation bodies
100+certification products and auditing solutions

Senior Vice-President Certification

Bureau Veritas

Accreditations from a recognized body demonstrate the value of the certificate, and the client’s commitment to continuous improvement. This is why Bureau Veritas is committed to obtaining and maintaining accreditations for the wide range of certification standards we offer.