4U, our Customer Experience Program

4U, our Customer Experience Program

As a client of Bureau Veritas, you expect exceptional, personal service. We developed 4U, our Customer Experience Program, to ensure that we consistently deliver on your expectations. 4U keeps customer experience front-and-center in our day-to-day work.

This is vital as you move along your certification journey. The certification process is rigorous and requires the cooperation of a wide range of people with different roles, responsibilities and backgrounds. Knowing that you have a reliable certification partner who listens and communicates clearly brings you reassurance as you embark on your journey.

Our 4 Essentials

Bureau Veritas Certification customers can expect an experience rooted in 4 Essentials
●    Clear and Transparent
●    Reliable
●    Convenient
●    Partner
These 4 Essentials are based on extensive client feedback. At all stages of the certification journey, we keep our service and relationship with our clients consistent with these 4 Essentials.

4U Client Charter

To ensure that our 4 Essentials are put into action, we’ve created a 4U Client Charter. The 4U Client Charter clearly expresses our commitment to delivering premium customer service, and how we make this ideal a reality.

Your feedback

Your feedback is essential when it comes to creating a positive, seamless experience for our clients. Bureau Veritas’ online Customer Satisfaction Survey and complaint procedures help clients to offer feedback easily and efficiently, in line with the requirements of accreditation bodies.