Metals & Minerals certification

Metals & Minerals certification

Metals and minerals extraction is potentially dangerous and polluting. To mitigate risk and preserve their reputation, many businesses certify their metal and mineral supply chain and production processes.

The metals and minerals industry is heavily scrutinized, pushing companies to prove their ethical business practices at all stages of production. Responsible sourcing and supply chain monitoring are key to preserving natural resources and ensuring safe, fair labor practices.

With certification and auditing from Bureau Veritas, companies can demonstrate compliance with global requirements for safety, quality and social responsibility. Certification also helps businesses safeguard their commercial interests, gain a competitive edge and contribute to a more sustainable vision of metal and mineral sourcing.

Key benefits

  • Address risks

    in your upstream metals and minerals supply chain

  • Achieve regulatory compliance

    for metals and minerals sourcing by performing supply chain due diligence

  • Protect your reputation

    and secure your commercial interests with internationally recognized certification

  • Prove your commitment

    to ethical business practices to consumers, employees and stakeholders

ASI: Ensuring safe aluminum sourcing

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) promotes continuous improvement in the environmental and social impact of aluminum production, use and recycling. By adopting ASI standards, companies can demonstrate responsible aluminum sourcing practices, improve sustainability performance and promote consumer and stakeholder confidence. Bureau Veritas is among the few certification bodies worldwide to offer accredited certification to ASI.   

RJC: Committing to responsible jewelry production

The Responsible Jewellery Council sets social and environmental standards for the entire jewelry value chain, from mining to retail. Companies can be certified by Bureau Veritas to two standards: Code of Practices (for responsible business practices) and Chain of Custody (for responsible sourcing and supply chain due diligence).  

LBMA: Protecting precious metals

The London Bullion Markets Association (LBMA) is a respected standard for precious metal sourcing. The LBMA Good Delivery and Responsible Sourcing programs ensure that precious metals are ethically extracted, sourced and traded. With certification from Bureau Veritas, companies can prove responsible sourcing and supply chain best practices for precious metals.