Enterprise Risk certification

Operational Risk

From business continuity to asset management, organizations face a range of operational risks. To help companies protect their assets, recover from unexpected disruptions and safeguard reputation, Bureau Veritas offers certification to international standards that would help companies mitigate operational risks.

Anti Bribery

Anti-bribery Management System (ISO 37001) certification

Countries are increasingly adopting anti-bribery standards, with harsh penalties for non-compliance. Certification to the ISO 37001 standard, an Anti-Bribery Management System, helps companies identify bribery risks, implement proportional controls and monitor their efficacy across an organization. 

BV asset management

Asset Management System (ISO 55001) certification

Businesses are responsible for numerous physical and non-physical assets, which must be protected and used efficiently. Certification to the ISO 55001 standard can help you identify areas for improvement throughout the asset lifecycle and create a culture of transparency among stakeholders.    

BV Business Continuity Management System certification

Business Continuity Management System
(ISO 22301)certification

Implementing ISO 22301 helps companies mitigate property and revenue loss, reduce legal risks and maintain cash flow in the face of operational failures. Certification to the ISO 22301 standard helps you demonstrate the resilience of your business to unexpected delays. 

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