Our mission

Our mission

Modern businesses face a wide range of risks, from quality management and operational risks to new threats linked to digital transformation and complex supply chains.

Our mission is to create value for our clients by providing services that enable them to continually improve their business performance and mitigate risk in a fast-changing world. Our services contribute to our clients’ aims to achieve compliance, increase stakeholder confidence and achieve excellence.

Putting our mission into practice

We support our clients’ ambition to continually improve every day via our three core services: management system certification; social responsibility audits and customized audits; and training and certification of personnel. Our training provides clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to identify ways to improve organizational performance and mitigate risks.

Our vision 

Our aim is to be recognized by our customers and the general public as a leader in management system certification and a trusted partner. Bureau Veritas seeks to play an active role in the digital economy and in the development of accredited certification and other assurance services.

Our certification principles 

Bureau Veritas’ work as a certification body depends on our ability to listen to our clients, deliver services efficiently and maintain our integrity.  To this end, we apply five principles in our day-to-day work: client focus, excellence, innovation, ethics and impartiality.

We listen to our customers, delivering high-quality service that meets their needs and creates value. We help our clients move forward by being innovative in our approach and the way we deliver services. And we maintain honesty and fairness in all situations, acting with independence to deliver professional and unbiased conclusions.

Discover how Bureau Veritas Certification meets the needs of its clients around the world

300of the Fortune 500 companies work with Bureau Veritas
85+accreditations delivered by national and international bodies
150,000+certificates delivered worldwide