V-TRACE, Battery Solar panels


Verified traceability and sustainable performance for  Supply Chains

V-TRACE, a verified traceability digital solution co-developed by Bureau Veritas and OPTEL, to monitor and control the manufactured products supply chain, by seamlessly combining verified sustainability performance assessments and point-to-point verified traceability tracking with specialized auditors.

V-Trace solution is proposed for supply chains highly exposed to both CO2 footprint and social/environmental impacts. Pressure comes from the usage of rare raw materials (such as lithium or cobalt) being processed, and sourced all around the globe, within products like Battery for Electric Vehicles or Solar Panels.

Over the last few years, the materials pressure from regulators increased with published (or to come requirements) in different places of the world such as Europe (Battery Regulation, EU CSRD, CS3D, Critical Raw Material Act) and the USA (IRA – Inflation Reduction Act).

Producers have to demonstrate mandatorily they have a hand on the steering wheel of their supply chains, with responsibility for where and how those materials are sourced, and then transformed up to the final product.

With V-TRACE verified traceability for EV batteries, is a unique integrated solution able to provide full transparency and sustainable performance to Solar Panels Program owners or EV Batteries Giga factories players and, OEMs.

Bureau Veritas and OPTEL combined their expertise and knowledge to help manufacturers demonstrate sustainable and responsible performance along their entire supply chain, from the raw material to the final product.

V-Trace is a combination of:

  • VERIFICATION & ASSURANCE: Bureau Veritas experts evaluate EV battery supply chain players thanks to audits and assessments. Verifications are made, at the suppliers’ sites, using assessment questionnaires (also used in BV Clarity solution) with the most demanding requirements coming from OECD guidelines and international standards on social and responsible practices (such as Health & Safety, Environment and Biodiversity, Social and Human rights).
  • TRACEABILITY: OPTEL digital platform (Optchain) will track and trace the flow of goods and materials capturing critical tracking and key data elements, along the logistic routes. Information being shared by the suppliers through secured data exchange protocols internationally recognized.

Scoring resulting from Bureau Veritas assessments and verified traceability information coming from OPTEL platform are displayed on a unique control tower.

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