Technical Standard related to personal data protection

Sep. 3 2018

This Technical Standard has been developed with the input of data protection specialists and is based upon 30 years’ experience of best practice procedures for organizational management.

Technical Standard related to personal data protection

Target GDPR compliance by implementing Bureau Veritas' free Technical Standard for data protection
Protect your brand and demonstrate digital responsibility 
The regulation requires organizations to assume full liability for the data they control or process, so that they must define related processes and allocate internal resources and skills to ensure optimal personal data protection (the principle of accountability).
Demonstrating that the processing operations carried out by data controllers or processors and their subcontractors and service suppliers comply with the Regulation constitutes a key challenge for companies in terms of brand reputation and image, the penalties that may be incurred as well as in terms of competitiveness.

Hence the development of this certification scheme has been initiated to enable companies to demonstrate their compliance with these new obligations.

The purpose of this certification scheme is to define the technical, organizational and documentary provisions related to accountability requirements as defined in the Regulation: Accountability is a new principle of liability which requires companies to be able to justify all the control and monitoring system set up to ensure personal data protection compliance. This Technical Standard has been developed with the input of data protection specialists and is based upon 30 years’ experience of best practice procedures for organizational management.

•     Applicable to data controllers and data processors
•     Aligned with standardized management system approach to simplify implementation


•    Increase market credibility and protect your reputation
•    Build trust with staff, stakeholders, and customers
•    Prove due diligence on data protection to the authorities

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