ISO 45001 Clause 8


Aug. 20 2020 - 5 min

Clause 8, Operation, features few major changes compared to OHSAS 18001’s “Operational Control” clause – but it is more specific and explicit. The main elements affected are operational planning and control, management of change, outsourcing, procurement and contractors, and emergency preparedness and response.

Operational planning and control

This sub-section of Clause 8 aligns with section 4.4.6 of OHSAS 18001.

It stipulates that in multi-employer workplaces – for example, shared offices or co-working spaces – any organization seeking to implement a compliant OH&SMS must put in place a process for coordinating its management system with the other organizations sharing its space.

The clause includes a requirement to reduce risks by implementing a "Hierarchy of Control" approach as featured in European Union legislation. This is a system of prioritization that ranks hazard elimination as the control of choice or the “best” option, then runs down through a series of less effective controls in order of preference.

Management of change

This subsection of Clause 8 obliges your organization to establish a process for the implementation and control of planned changes so that the introduction of new products, processes, services or work practices does not create new hazards.

Outsourcing, procurement and contractors

Your organization must ensure that any outsourced processes that could have an impact on its health and safety management system are subject to appropriate checks. You are required to put in place a system that guarantees the procurement of goods, contractors and outsourced services does not adversely affect the Occupational Health and Safety Management System or its outcomes.

To be compliant, organizations must also verify their procurement and contractor activities and ensure they conform to the health and safety management system requirements. It is also important for companies to communicate effectively with contractors regarding the OH&SMS.

Emergency preparedness and response

This sub-section of Clause 8 aligns with section 4.4.7 of OHSAS 18001.

ISO 45001:2018 expands the emergency preparedness and response requirements already present in OHSAS 18001 to include a communications plan. It requires your organization not only to identify emergency situations but also to implement a process to prevent or minimize occupational health and safety risks resulting from potential emergencies. Emergencies (which can arise from anything from natural disasters to human error) must be identified and assessed based on previously identified health and safety risks.

Migration to ISO 45001:2018

From the publication of the standard (March 12, 2018), organizations already certified to OHSAS 18001 have three years to migration to ISO 45001 (until September 30, 2021). It will take most organizations around one year to migrate fully; and since ISO 45001 requires both senior management leadership and employee consultation, it is wise to begin as soon as possible.

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