Sustainability Circular+

Today’s businesses are rethinking their sustainability strategies, shifting their focus from simply reducing environmental impacts, to moving towards a circular economy business model. This renewable energy-powered model of production and consumption requires companies to rework their linear business models and embrace a closed-loop system for resources and products.

Bureau Veritas’ Circular+ offer provides a comprehensive suite of sustainability services to help companies set ambitious objectives, including a move towards a more circular business model. Through independent auditing, certification and verification, companies can tackle individual processes and entire business models, using Circular+ to transform their sustainability practices at their own pace.  

ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification
Companies are facing a turning point in energy management, as the need to lower carbon emissions mounts. ISO 50001 is a global certification standard that helps companies monitor, manage and reduce their energy consumption. With ISO 50001, companies can work to minimize their environmental impact and put energy efficiency at the heart of their sustainability strategy. 

Biofuels certification
Companies can adopt a renewable, low-carbon energy source by meeting sustainable biofuels and biomass requirements. Several voluntary biofuels certification schemes – including 2BSvs, ISCC EU, ISCC, RedCert EU, RED 2 Directive, KZR INiG – help companies comply with EU Directives. With certification to biofuels management and biomass management schemes, companies can access financial incentives and international biofuels markets.

Sustainable forestry certification
Adopting sustainable timber sourcing practices for Forest Management and throughout the Chain of Custody is key to preventing deforestation. Certification to a range of standards, including EUTR, PEFC®, OLB, FSC® and SFI, helps companies prove their due diligence on sustainable forestry practices for forest and timber products.  

Metals & Minerals certification
Metal and minerals extraction is a risky business, and companies must prove their ethical labor and sourcing practices throughout the supply chain. Initiatives like the ASI, RMI, LBMA and RJC allow companies to prove supply chain due diligence, responsible business practices for aluminum, minerals, precious metals and jewelry.   

Sustainable waste management certification
Inefficient waste management can negatively impact both the environment and an organizations’ finances. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System helps companies minimize waste, rethink materials recycling, reduce environmental impact and achieving cost savings. 

Social Responsibility and Responsible Sourcing certification
As consumer expectations and regulations change, businesses need to communicate transparently about social responsibility and ethical business practice. Bureau Veritas provides audits for responsible supply chain and labor practices for SEDEX (SMETA), and certification to SA8000 standard.  

Sustainability report assurance and emissions verification
Today’s businesses are expected to demonstrate complete transparency by communicating their sustainability impacts to the public. Standards like ISO 14064-1 and 14067 track and report carbon emissions at an organizational level and across product and service life cycle. Verification to Gold Standard and VCS helps companies prove the additionality of their emissions reduction projects.  By providing sustainability (CSR, CR, ESG) reports to standards such as AA1000AS, GRI and ISAE 3000, companies can provide transparency and accountability.   

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