Biofuels certification

Biofuels certification

To reduce their carbon footprint and limit environmental impact, companies are turning towards sustainable energy sources, such as biofuels. As alternative fuels become increasingly available, organizations must carefully monitor their biofuel and biomass supply chains for quality, reliability and sustainability.

A global move towards renewable, low-carbon sources of energy, such as biofuels and biomass, is key to slowing climate change. Governments worldwide are setting ambitious targets for renewable energy use, and offering tax incentives to companies that meet or exceed sustainability goals.

Voluntary schemes for biofuels management help companies prove compliance with EU directives (e.g., the Renewable Energy Directive [RED]) and local legislation, and become eligible for fiscal incentives. By certifying renewable biofuels schemes like 2BSvs, ISCC, and REDCert, and emerging schemes like KZR INiG, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable biofuels production and biomass processing and purchasing.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrate sustainable business practices

    via verification of your biofuels value chain

  • Qualify for financial incentives

    by meeting EU sustainability criteria for biofuels targets

  • Access European markets

    with Bureau Veritas certification of your biomass and biofuels production process

  • Prove your commitment to global sustainability objectives

    to consumers, suppliers and stockholders

  • Certify biomass

    for use in other industries (e.g., Food)

2BSvs: Access financial incentives and European markets

Voluntary Scheme 2BSvs allows farmers, biomass collection agencies, processors and traders to demonstrate compliance with EU directive 2009/28 (RED). The scheme ensures that biomass is used as raw material to produce biofuels, and requires auditing and verification along the supply chain. With certification to 2BSvs, companies can become eligible for financial incentives in EU member states and access European biofuels markets.

ISCC EU: Biomass certification with global reach

Bureau Veritas is a recognized certification body for ISCC EU’s voluntary scheme for biomass sustainability. Developed in Germany, ISCC certification applies to all types of biomass grown and harvested worldwide. With Bureau Veritas certification, companies can prove their biofuels and biomass production complies with EU regulations.

RedCERT EU: Complete supply chain certification

REDCert EU regulations for biomass and biofuels apply to actors throughout the supply chain, from agricultural producers, to biomass processors, to engine fuel suppliers. As a recognized certification body for voluntary scheme REDCert EU, Bureau Veritas can help companies meet biofuel and biomass sustainability objectives.

RED 2 Directive: Staying up-to-date with biofuels certification

The upcoming RED 2 Directive from the EU required new national legislation by June 2021. To help our clients assure next-generation biofuel and biomass sustainability, Bureau Veritas provides expertise for updated and emerging certification and verification schemes worldwide. 

KZR INiG: An emerging scheme for biofuels certification

With KZR INiG certification, companies can verify that the production of their biofuels, bioliquids and raw materials meets sustainability criteria. Certification from Bureau Veritas allows businesses to prove compliance with EU regulatory requirements for biomass and biofuels.