Sustainability Report Assurance and Emissions Verification

Sustainability Report Assurance and Emissions Verification

Transparent reporting on sustainability issues, including social and environmental impacts, is critical to safeguarding your company’s reputation. Bureau Veritas’ independent report assurance helps companies communicate their ethical business practices and establish their environmental credentials.

Today’s businesses face increased scrutiny of their business practices from all parties, including governments, external and internal stakeholders, investors, consumers and clients. Companies are expected to demonstrate complete transparency and communicate their sustainability impacts to both public and private entities.   

As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas helps companies prove that information shared about their sustainability performance is accurate and bias-free. Beyond verifying data, Bureau Veritas report assurance allows companies to demonstrate best practice in non-financial reporting (alternatively referred to as sustainability, CSR, CR and ESG). 

Key benefits

  • Prove your sustainability reporting is clear and bias-free

    through independent report assurance

  • Gain access to trading schemes

    through report assurance certification

  • Build investor confidence

    in your sustainability reporting practices

  • Boost your reputation

    for transparency and ethical business practices via third-party assurance

  • Strengthen

    your non-financial data management systems

  • Prepare your company

    for legislative disclosure requirements

Sustainability report assurance standards

Bureau Veritas provides assurance for external sustainability data against a number of reporting standards, including the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which provides a complete picture of your business’ sustainability impacts.  The AA1000AS 2008 methodology holds organizations accountable for sustainability management, performance and reporting.  Bureau Veritas also offers assurance against the ISAE framework (International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000), to demonstrate the robust nature of your report assurance.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission report verification

Bureau Veritas' GHG emissions reporting verification and assurance helps organizations prove environmental best practice. Voluntary verification of Gold Standard energy-efficiency and renewable energy carbon offset projects proves your companies’ avoidance of CO2 emissions. Similarly, Bureau Veritas offers the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) offset project verification and mandatory validation and verification for the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism projects. This allows companies to earn certified emission reduction credits. Bureau Veritas also conducts verification for EU ETS installations, is now accredited for CORSIA, the carbon offsetting scheme for international aviation. Bureau Veritas also conducts verification for shipping (MMRV) under COFRAC accreditation.

Verifying organizational level emissions

To increase transparency and meet legislative requirements, organizations can report carbon emissions externally. CDP (previously the Carbon Disclosure Project) is a reporting platform for companies that independently verifies data. This process not only provides reassurance to stakeholders, but boosts organizations’ CDP scores. Companies can also report to ISO 14064-1, which provides a framework for emissions inventory reporting, for which Bureau Veritas holds a UKAS accreditation.

Identify life cycle environmental impacts

Bureau Veritas experts provide verification to ISO 14067 for the life cycle emissions and carbon footprint of products and services. ISO 14046 verification ensures a thorough, reliable assessment of water-related impacts across the life cycle of a product or service. 

Green bonds: ensuring environmental credentials

Bureau Veritas certifies green bonds to Climate Bonds Initiative requirements and issues assurance statements, proving the validity of a bond’s proceeds. With verified green bonds, your business can offer transparency to investors and prove your commitment to environmental best practice.