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WEBINAR: Prove your company’s circularity with ISCC PLUS bio and circular materials certification

Jun. 2 2021

In the new economy recycled content and biomaterials in new products and their packaging will be vital to proving their improved sustainability over competitive offerings. Several schemes exist, among these the most well-known is ISCC PLUS. Certification to ISCC PLUS provides traceability along the value chain and verifies that companies meet critical environmental and social standards in this emerging area.


  • Get familiar with one of the most important certification standards for the bio and circular economy
  • Discover how to access new markets with certification to prove the circularity of your materials
  • Understand the challenges of meeting rising demand for sustainable materials in yours and your clients’ supply chains


  • Market context: growing demand for bio and circular materials
  • What’s ISCC and its benefits
  • Basic requirements of the system
  • ISCC PLUS certification examples
  • Certification process at a glance
  • Role of Bureau Veritas
  • Q&A

Date: June 29th, 1 PM – 2 PM CEST


Szymon KOLODZIEJCZYK - Global Product Manager - Biofuels & Biomass Auditor, Bureau Veritas Poland
Mark FRASER - Sustainability Market Manager, Bureau Veritas Certification