Sustainability Reporting Survey 2022


Global Survey: How important is sustainability reporting for your company?

May. 30 2022

Bureau Veritas Global Sustainability Reporting Survey 2022

Sustainability reporting is becoming a legal requirement for even more companies in many countries in Europe and around the world. Time is short for companies preparing for these regulated disclosures for the first time, but some companies have a rich history of voluntary reporting and third-party assurance. This survey aims to provide a global snapshot of companies’ sustainability reporting maturity and to identify common issues such as:

  • Drivers for reporting, and barriers to be overcome;
  • Data management strategies and tools;
  • Most common sustainability issues and risks (material issues);
  • How integrated carbon / GHG reporting and third-party verification/assurance are within respondent organizations’ sustainability reporting;

The survey is anonymous, should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and, as with our previous surveys, the aggregated results will be shared to thank participants for their input. We hope the findings will be insightful and help respondents to benchmark their maturity against their peers at this key moment in the evolution of sustainability reporting.