ISCC Plus biomaterials

ISCC Plus: Biomaterials Certification

In the new economy, recycled content in new products and their packaging will be vital to proving their improved sustainability over competitive offerings.

Several schemes exist, among these the most well-known is ISCC Plus.

International sustainability standard applicable to all sectors using plant-based or recycled raw materials.


ISCC Plus certification demonstrates that traceability is ensured in accordance with this international sustainability standard applicable to all sectors from the collection of raw materials (from biomass or waste and residues) to the transformation process. Options are available to adapt to each company and to its specific certification requirements (reduction of GHGs, non-GMO, biodiversity, use of human food, use of animal feed, etc.).

Within the current debate on packaging, ISCC Plus certification provides an opportunity for innovative companies to demonstrate the progress made towards sustainable solutions from biomass or recycling.


  • To obtain a certificate that allows you to demonstrate the conformity of your products with regards to the sustainability criteria set by an internationally recognized scheme to your customers
  • To prove that your activity is part of a circular economy approach, ensuring the sustainability of your business
  • To demonstrate to your customers and partners the quality of your commitment to the most advanced environmental practices
  • To use your certificate of sustainability verification within other industries such as chemicals or food, construction, cosmetics, packaging...


Combined accreditation and audit: Bureau Veritas Certification is accredited to carry out ISCC Plus audits, as well as ISCC EU. We can therefore offer you combined audits in order to satisfy all of your markets with a single audit.

Knowledge of the agricultural upstream: we have auditors who already regularly intervene in the agricultural upstream at the level of cereal cooperatives and agricultural trading companies.

Experience in sustainable development: Bureau Veritas Certification is one of the leaders in certifications based on social responsibility and reporting verification of greenhouse gas emissions. In the forest-wood and agrifood sectors, it is a certification body recognized for its audits carried out according to standards integrating one or more dimensions of sustainable development.

Network: With 150,000 active ISO certificates and 7,000+ skilled auditors, Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries with local specialists in 80 countries.


The “bioeconomy” brings together all the activities that value living resources. If we put aside food production and biofuel production, there are plenty of new applications that make it possible to reduce the consumption of fossil-based products (mainly from petroleum) towards bio-based products. It is about ensuring the sustainability of the raw materials used and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within the supply chain. This is the goal of ISCC Plus certification.

Sustainability Circular+

Today’s businesses are rethinking their sustainability strategies, shifting their focus from simply reducing environmental impacts, to moving towards a circular economy business model. This renewable energy-powered model of production and consumption requires companies to rework their linear business models and embrace a closed-loop system for resources and products.

Discover Circular+

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