Wood scheme certification documents and standards

Ensuring good Forest practices

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Please find the specific documents designed by Bureau Veritas Certification for FSC®  schemes.

Customer Appeal and Complaint


FSC® CoC GP01 Description of Certification Process

- FSC® CoC SF05 Specific Conditions


- FSC®  FM GP01 Description of Certification Process

- FSC®  FM SF05 Specific Conditions 

On FSC®  Website (https://fsc.org/en/document-center), all the applicable documents relative to FSC®  schemes are available:

• Requirements for use of the FSC®  trademarks by Certificate Holders
• Applicable standards

• Annual fees

You can also visit FSC®  Certificates Database website in order to search any information related to FSC®  certified companies and public summary reports:


FSC® -approved regional, national or sub-national Forest Stewardship Standards®  and Harmonised Certification Bodies’ Forest Stewardship Standards are available on FSC®  website:


For FSC®  FM activities in the countries without FSC® -approved FM standards, please find the Bureau Veritas Certification FM generic standard and applicable locally adapted Forest Stewardship Standards® :