WEBINAR: Introduction to TISAX

During this one-hour webinar replay, you will be able to get a basic understanding of TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) standard, its main concepts, and approach. Watch now.

Global Product presentation
TISAX, Trusted Information Security Assessment eXchange has been developed by ENX organization based on the VDA-ISA Information Security Assessment questionnaire and covers the automotive industry’s widely accepted information security requirements. Initiated in 2016 by VDA, it is currently supported by all German automotive OEM ‘s as well as Renault. More OEM ‘s are following to ensure compliance with these requirements in their supply chain. TISAX becomes a license to operate for suppliers working with one of these stakeholders.

More than a standard based on ISO 27001 requirements with automotive focus, it’s an exchange program where any supplier can share and demonstrate its performance level in managing sensitive information and data. It addresses the entire automotive value chain, including parts suppliers as well as service suppliers.  Any player dealing with sensitive information such as design and dimensional information, performance data, validation files, homologation data, contractual data, client data, scheduling, delivery, etc ….  may be required to demonstrate their level of performance through TISAX. 

Our webinar replay gives a possibility to get the first knowledge of TISAX Standard and approach. If you are not familiar with it  and do not have much time in your agenda or enough budget to attend classroom training, this webinar is for you. Bureau Veritas Certification ‘s information security expert and auditor Luc Villedieu introduces the TISAX approach and features. He shares detailed information on TISAX, what is this exchange program approach as well as what TISAX implies in terms of activities for preparation, self-assessment, audit, and labeling based on assessment objectives Information Security, Prototype protection and Data Protection.   At the time of the webinar the assessment objective “connection to third parties” was a separate assessment objective. In the meantime these requirements have been embedded under the other assessment objectives.

  Main Concepts:
      - Origin and TISAX overview
      - Advantages
      - Participation level and assessment scopes
      - TISAX requirements and comparison with ISO 27001 ones
      - Evaluation process, assessment objectives and results

  Designed for:
      - Project Manager for new parts development (Suppliers Tier 1/2/3)
      - Information Security Manager (Suppliers Tier 1/2/3)
      - Data Protection officer  
      - Quality Managers for Management System  (Suppliers Tier 1/2/3)



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