TISAX for Automotive information security management

Automotive digitalization is driving the need for robust, proactive information security management. Certification to TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) by Bureau Veritas enables you to meet industry requirements and demonstrate to consumers that you take data protection seriously.

Every day, massive amounts of data are created and exchanged across the automotive industry throughout the entire lifecycle, from design and testing, to validation, homologation and production. This notably includes security data related to the project development phases for parts and systems, as well as manufacturing process and automated, networked production data.

For service providers and suppliers in the automotive industry, the challenge is to detect and mitigate digital risk, and ensure speedy recovery from disruptive incidents.

Bureau Veritas is one of few certification bodies authorized and recognized to certify organizations to TISAX, the world’s leading automotive-specific information security standard. Based on the VDA Information Security Assessment (VDA ISA), TISAX is complementary with ISO 27001.

Bureau Veritas TISAX certification services support you by evaluating the way you protect the automotive data you handle on a daily basis, and in demonstrating your digital responsibility to consumers and regulators.

Key benefits

  • Prevent information security breaches and cyber-attacks

    by implementing a TISAX-compliant information security management system

  • Earn customer trust

    by taking a comprehensive approach to data protection

  • Identify and address risk

    thanks to value-added assessments that put your information security to the test

  • Get recognition

    from one of the leading certification bodies for Automotive

  • Share your assessment results

    on the TISAX online platform

TISAX: the world’s leading automotive information security management standard

TISAX is globally recognized, and is required to do business with all major German automotive players. All automotive suppliers and service providers who process sensitive information should use TISAX to meet consumer and regulatory information security requirements.

Identify and mitigate information security risk

Information security management systems are critical to mitigating the risk of security breaches and cyber-attacks. Regular TISAX assessments by Bureau Veritas help you to identify risk areas based on standardized requirements. Potential improvements are also identified, thereby enabling you to take immediate action to mitigate information security risk.

Drive customer trust

TISAX enables you to prove to your customers your readiness when it comes to information security management. In doing so, TISAX assessments by Bureau Veritas help you to drive trust and boost overall customer satisfaction, both of which can facilitate the renewal of your existing supplier contracts.

A global network of TISAX auditors

A worldwide leader in certification services, Bureau Veritas draws on its expertise in the Automotive sector, extensive network of skilled auditors and experience in providing Information Security  and Data Protection certification to companies around the world, across a range of industries.


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