Responsible Seafood

Responsible Seafood

Consumers, retailers and stakeholders along the food supply chain are increasingly demanding that seafood be safely and responsibly sourced. Bureau Veritas’ certification services enable food companies to demonstrate compliance to internationally recognized responsible seafood standards.

As global demand for seafood continues to grow, the fishing industry is looking to enforce responsible fishing practices, reducing overexploitation and damage to marine ecosystems. 

The rapidly growing aquaculture industry, which now supplies more than half of seafood consumed worldwide, is finding better ways to manage its fish farms, hatcheries and feed mill. This requires stakeholders to promote food safety, animal health and welfare, the reduction of negative environmental impacts and social accountability.

Bureau Veritas offers certification services for players throughout the seafood value chain, supporting you in demonstrating that your seafood is safe, healthy, responsibly produced and fully traceable.


  • Prove your seafood activities

    are safe and responsible

  • Boost your reputation

    and build trust in your products and best practices

  • Demonstrate commitment

    to responsible aquaculture and fisheries, accounting for environmental and social best practices

  • Increase transparency and traceability

    throughout your supply chain

  • Meet the certification requirements

    and expectations of retailers and brands

Prove responsibility, safety and sustainability

The GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate  provides assurance that food has been produced safely and responsibly, respecting the health, safety and welfare of workers, the environment and animals. Bureau Veritas supports the aquaculture industry in demonstrating responsibility and traceability by offering certification to this global standard for seafood companies and retailers.

Increase consumer and stakeholder confidence

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) aims to transform the seafood market, making it more sustainable. Its goals include reversing the decline in global fish stocks and protecting biodiversity and marine habitats. Bureau Veritas offers certification to MSC standards for fisheries and Chain of Custody standards for traceability in the supply chain. 

Show you take sustainability seriously

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) aims to transform aquaculture, making it more sustainable and transparent by offering a recognized eco-label to consumers. Bureau Veritas verifies compliance with ASC requirements using more than 150 performance indicators. These include protection of surrounding ecosystems and water effluent, medicine inspections, responsible feed origin, social accountability and respect for local communities. ASC certification is offered for aquaculture farms (e.g., salmon, shrimp, trout) and supply chain traceability, and products can include an ASC logo on their packaging. 

Prove the integrity of your entire seafood value chain 

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is a seafood-specific program for the certification of every step in the production chain – from hatcheries to end-product processing plants. Its standards are built on four pillars of sustainability: food safety, environmental responsibility, social accountability and animal health and disease control. Bureau Veritas provides certification to BAP’s rigorous requirements, helping to promote responsible aquaculture across the supply chain.