Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) audits

Stakeholders and legislators are continually raising the bar in terms of transparency in the supply chain. Bureau Veritas’ PSCI audit services verify that your pharmaceutical and healthcare suppliers comply with sustainability requirements by auditing to a recognized industry standard.

Consumer expectations have shifted dramatically in recent decades, necessitating a greater focus on transparency and social responsibility. Social, health and safety, and environmental issues affecting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry include bribery, corruption, working hours, air quality, toxic materials and water usage. As consumer-facing businesses, these companies need to ensure their suppliers are acting responsibly at every stage of the supply chain.

PSCI aims to promote responsible practices for the pharmaceutical industry, setting standards across five key areas: ethics, labor, health and safety, environment and management systems. Our PSCI audit services verify that all businesses operating within the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain uphold these principles.


  • Benefit

    from Bureau Veritas’ network of specialized auditors with strong pharmaceuticals sector expertise

  • Become a recognized supporter

    of responsible supply chains, boosting your reputation through a strong commitment to sustainable outcomes

  • Share audits

    with all current and future PSCI members, or with selected members, via an efficient web-based platform

PSCI audits by a sustainability leader

Bureau Veritas offers three audit programs for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries: PSCI, Good Manufacturing Practices, and EXCIPACT. PSCI audits, part of our comprehensive sustainability offer, build on our extensive experience auditing pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Responsible pharma supply chains

Our PSCI audits assess a supplier’s performance against the PSCI Principles as well as international standards and agreements, and local regulatory requirements. They help build supplier capability to implement the PSCI Principles, promoting responsible business practices throughout the supply chain.

An efficient web-based platform

The PSCI Shared Audit Program enables supplier audits to be shared among PSCI members via a web-based platform. This means fewer audits for each supplier, resulting in greater efficiency for both suppliers and members. Shared audits offer greater visibility of patterns, trends and areas for improvement within the supply chain.

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