Organic certification

Organic certification

People are becoming increasingly wary of the ecological, social and health issues associated with conventional industrial food production. Bureau Veritas organic certification and auditing services support you in meeting the growing demand for organics.

Consumers are perpetually seeking healthy, safe, environmentally and ethically responsible food options. This is driving tremendous growth in the organic food market. “Organic” is a labeling term that refers to food and agricultural products produced in strict accordance with a specific set of production standards. Though organic food certification differs from region to region, they typically cover the entire value chain, from production, to processing, to distribution.

Bureau Veritas offers a range of certification, auditing and testing services that support food players in meeting the various organic certification requirements that govern organic food production (according to EC Regulations No. 834/2207 and 889/2008). We enable you to demonstrate your compliance with sustainability and animal welfare standards, and that your products are free of hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful substances.

Key benefits

  • Secure access

    to global organic food markets

  • Meet the growing demand

    for safer, more environmentally and ethically responsible food

  • Avoid costly recalls and downtime

    with rigorous audits and testing

  • Achieve global recognition

    for your commitment to sustainable agriculture with Bureau Veritas organic certification

Satisfy consumer and regulatory requirements

Organic farming is one of the most dynamic sectors within the food industry. Organic certification by Bureau Veritas enables you to enter this thriving market and boost your brand image.

State-of-the-art laboratory testing

Reliable food testing for GMOs and pesticides is a critical part of the organic certification process. Our worldwide network of food testing laboratories makes Bureau Veritas a one-stop solution for organic certification. Bureau Veritas’ residue testing and analysis services enable you to demonstrate compliance with organic certification requirements.  

Reduce environmental impact

Achieving organic certification is an excellent step towards realizing your sustainability objectives. The world’s major organic standards include specific organic food sustainability requirements. Organic agriculture must protect biodiversity and animal welfare. Energy and natural resources must be used responsible. It must also preserve air, water and soil quality.

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