Gender Equality

Gender Equality

With gender equality high on the agenda, organizations are turning to verifiable standards and certifications to prove their credentials. Bureau Veritas supports businesses by providing certification to standards that aim to create fair and mutually beneficial workplaces for women and men.

Despite substantial gains in recent years, women are still frequently paid less than their male colleagues, and remain underrepresented in senior and executive positions. This can have significant and harmful long-term effects on businesses, driving away female talent and damaging the company’s reputation.

Bureau Veritas provides certification to recognized standards for gender equality in the workplace that enable companies to address imbalances and inequalities. Companies can use a verified framework to create a workplace that values and supports women equally, applying fair HR practices and promoting gender diversity.

Key Benefits

  • Take stock of your workplace

    assess your current position on gender equality and where you want to be

  • Recognize and implement improvements

    for gender equality and equal opportunities within your organization

  • Attract top-level talent

    by communicating about your commitment to a fairer workplace

  • Boost your reputation for transparency

    by verifying your gender equality credentials

Demonstrate your commitment to equality in the workplace

The Gender Equality European International Standard (GEEIS) is an internationally recognized label for companies committed to achieving gender equality in the workplace. Bureau Veritas provides certification to this standard, accounting for everything from resources mobilized to achieve workplace equality to equitable human resources policies and respect for gender equality laws.