ISO 22000 for food safety

Food Safety Management

(ISO 22000)


The global food industry’s most competitive players know that safety is fundamental to success. Certification to ISO 22000:2018 by Bureau Veritas supports your drive to achieve the highest levels of food safety.

No matter your position on the food value chain, your products and services must meet consumer, industry and regulatory safety standards. This requires a rigorous approach to food safety management.

The purpose of ISO 22000:2018 is to empower you to develop a robust Food Safety Management System that drives continuous improvement of all processes with an impact on the safety of food end-products. Whether you’re a farmer, or a food manufacturer, processor, importer, supplier or retailer, Bureau Veritas’ ISO 22000 certification and auditing services enable you to secure market access and demonstrate that you embrace a culture of food safety excellence.

Key benefits

  • Detect and mitigate food safety hazards

    by developing risk-based thinking across your organization

  • Reduce downtime and prevent recalls

    through the implementation of food safety best practices

  • Meet your particular needs

    by adapting ISO 22000 to your specific requirements

  • Boost consumer trust

    with worldwide recognition of the safety of your products, processes and services

Demonstrate food safety with ISO 22000:2018

The financial and reputational consequences for your brand can be costly. Comprehensive, proactive food safety management is key. ISO 22000 details the guidelines and requirements for designing a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) that enables food industry players to identify and control safety hazards. Certification of your Food Safety Management System to ISO 22000 by Bureau Veritas allows you to show that your commitment to food safety goes beyond regulatory requirements.

Meet industry standards and secure market access

ISO 22000 combines a number of national food safety standards into one simple, internationally recognized set of responsibilities and requirements. ISO 22000 also integrates elements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and other leading preventive procedures. As such, an ISO 22000 FSMS is more rigorous than those typically required by regulatory bodies. Furthermore, FSSC 22000 , a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification required by many of the world’s major retailers and manufacturers, is based on ISO 22000.

Drive safety from farm to fork

ISO 22000 can be applied by stakeholders across the food value chain. This includes livestock and crop farmers, animal feed producers, food manufacturers and processors and warehouse operators and distributors, as well as retailers, restaurateurs and food service professionals. The farm to fork approach of ISO 22000 encourages effective communication, consistent practices and trust-building among various food industry players, which lays the groundwork for more efficient hazard and risk control.

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