Digital training

Technological innovation is revolutionizing professional development. Bureau Veritas’ comprehensive range of digital solutions enables you to train employees across your organization with unrivalled effectiveness, consistency and efficiency.

With technology setting the pace, today, companies that enjoy sustained success must constantly adapt. Bureau Veritas’ state-of-the-art, expert-devised digital training programs provide your personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, responsibility and compliance.

Our digital courses and resources are a flexible, convenient solution to your specific training needs. No matter how geographically scattered your teams may be, our digital options ensure that your employees receive the highest quality, consistent training. You can choose from our comprehensive catalogue of digital training courses, or we can partner with you to create a customized digital training program suited to your particular objectives.

Key benefits

  • A flexible, user-led

    digital learning experience

  • Detailed and clear explanation

    of the latest industry best practices, regulations and requirements

  • Actionable insights

    on your organization’s obligations and responsibilities

  • Optimize organizational control

    by ensuring your employees receive relevant, consistent training

Discover our e-learning courses

Virtual Classroom courses

Our Virtual Classroom is an ideal alternative to the traditional classroom setting for professionals who may not have the budget or time for travel, or prefer the convenience of attending a course online. This is a live tutor-led experience where the trainer and delegates can interact with each other and share materials as if they were all in a room together.

E-learning programs

Our e-learning courses are a flexible training solution that allow your employees to learn at their own pace. Our team of industry experts have designed some of the most specialized courses on the market. The Bureau Veritas e-learning system is user-led and accessible from any place and at any time, thanks to our 24/7 online infrastructure.

Digital tools

Bureau Veritas offers an array digital learning tools for a number of standards. Available via Bureau Veritas platforms like LEAD, your specialized training partner in Management Systems, these resources help you analyze whether your organization is compliant with current standards, clause by clause.

Blended training

A blended course combines online digital media with the traditional classroom method. With our blended training, you will benefit from classroom interaction with our global experts, as well as a totally flexible online training system, giving you scope and autonomy. This is an attractive option if you want the personal input of our experts and the flexibility of e-learning.