Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality

Businesses are making huge efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, by first reducing and then balancing out greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with natural carbon sinks or credits. Certification by Bureau Veritas allows companies to prove claims of carbon neutrality and support for decarbonization.

Decarbonization is a key watchword for organizations. Many companies have set themselves ambitious targets, ranging from carbon neutral to net zero. However, many initiatives to reduce GHG emissions have failed to meet these goals, and public scrutiny is growing.  As a result, companies can no longer simply claim to be reducing their emissions and achieving carbon neutrality – they must prove it.

To verify their environmental commitment, companies must show stakeholders, institutions and partners that their activities meet internationally recognized carbon-neutral standards. Bureau Veritas is a long-term industry player providing third-party verification and certification against standards that lay out requirements for quantifying carbon footprints, enabling companies to identify and implement improvements.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and reduce

    your carbon footprint to reach carbon neutrality

  • Identify areas

    of inefficiency and improve performance, lowering energy consumption and carbon output

  • Meet and exceed the expectations

    of customers, stakeholders, partners and the public

  • Boost credibility and improve reputation

    with an accurate and transparent carbon neutrality claim

Prove your carbon neutral claims

Achieving carbon neutrality is one thing, proving it is another. PAS 2060  certification helps you win stakeholder trust in your efforts to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bureau Veritas certifies companies looking to demonstrate compliance to PAS 2060, helping organizations send a powerful message about their commitment to carbon neutrality and transparency.

Display your carbon credentials

Bureau Veritas developed the Carbon Progress© label for organizations that have already or are seeking to assess their carbon footprint. Voluntary certification enables companies to prove their commitment to reducing emissions, gaining a dedicated logo that displays their carbon output reduction rate and the year of issue. 


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