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Animal Welfare

Audit Program

The need to protect animal welfare during farming, transport and slaughter is attracting increasing attention from consumers and markets. The result is new requirements on industry stakeholders to improve the process to ensure good practices. Even if regulations are not yet fully aligned everywhere retailers and large manufacturers are requesting compliance with more robust animal welfare standards to assure consumers that cattle, pigs and chickens are treated well.

Bureau Veritas Certification is a strategic third-party partner. We build an audit program according to your specific needs and focus and carry out independent verification of welfare for all animal species. Our experience, combined with discussions with NGOs, has made it possible to develop a range of services linked to the evaluation of animal welfare. Our certification and auditing services help food operators demonstrate compliance or even go beyond standards for the humane treatment of animals published by OIE, the World Organisation for Animal Health.


  • Demonstrate your commitment

    to high animal welfare standards

  • Assure food processors and retailers

    that your practices meet the highest standards

  • Meet growing demand

    for products derived from humanely-raised animals

  • Boost consumer trust

    by partnering with Bureau Veritas, a globally recognized leader in animal welfare certification

Animal welfare management system (ISO/TS 34700) certification

ISO / TS 34700 is the international standard that provides requirements and guidance for the implementation of the animal welfare principles in livestock production supply chain. The ISO / TS 34700 certificate is valid for three years, with annual renewal audits.

Product/process certification and control service

The service follows consolidated Bureau Veritas criteria and refers to documentary verification of a Technical Specification drawn up by the company and subsequent certification verification in the field. It is a product certification, with verification activities carried out by veterinarians.

Second- and third-party audits

Second- and third-party audits help to verify supplier compliance with animal welfare principles standards and guidelines.