The LEAD ecommerce platform

The LEAD e-commerce platform

Bureau Veritas’ LEAD platform offers digital training and certification tools to companies of all sizes throughout the world.

Companies large and small look to maximize the success of their certification programs by accessing the right resources for their teams. Bureau Veritas makes it easy with LEAD: an online platform, available in multiple countries, offering a wide range of digital training courses and tools designed to ease your path to certification.

LEAD covers the most popular ISO standards for quality (ISO 9001), health and safety (ISO 45001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). It also offers products relating to Transportation and Mobility (IATF 16949 and IAQG 9100) as well as Enterprise Risk standards to tackle growing risks including anti-bribery, and data protection.

Key benefits

  • Ease your certification journey

    with tools developed by experienced Bureau Veritas auditors

  • A comprehensive offer for SMEs looking to get certified

    with access to tools

  • Fast access to essential training for large companies

    looking to bolster their existing training offer with online courses for teams worldwide

  • Available worldwide,

    LEAD is continually expanding, with dedicated sites for many countries

Gap analysis tools to get you started

Ready to embark on your certification journey… but not sure where to start? Our online self-assessment tools, available via LEAD, enable you to identify the gaps between your current management system and the ISO standard you are targeting. 

Online training to develop your teams’ knowledge

Bureau Veritas offers different types of digital learning programs: webinars, live virtual classrooms and convenient e-learning courses that your teams can complete at their own pace. Visit LEAD to select the right digital training solutions for your teams. 

Convenient digital packs 

Bureau Veritas has packaged its most popular online courses and digital tools into convenient packs. Each pack provides the essentials for companies looking to start their certification journey to a specific standard. In addition to Digital Packs for the most common ISO standards, we have developed packs dedicated to companies looking to migrate successfully to ISO 45001.