FSC® certification documents and standards

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Bureau Veritas Certification Holding is accredited for the following activities:

  • FSC FM certification worldwide (except forest located in Russia and Belarus, and Controlled Wood in Forest Management Certification)

  • FSC CoC certification worldwide (except Belarus and Russia), including CoC for multiple sites, Controlled wood and Sourcing reclaimed material

Click here if you want to have more details on our scope of accreditation.

The sources of funding of Bureau Veritas Certification Holding is coming from payment by our clients of services provided during the process of certification, including the audit and the administrative tasks dedicated to the registration on FSC database. The fees we charge to clients for FSC certification are composed of fees for audit man-days, associated travel & expenses, administrative & technical fees as well as the FSC fees.

Contact those local offices if you would like to be FSC certified:

  • FSC CoC: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
  • FSC FM: Brazil, Cameroon, China, Finland, France, Indonesia, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam


The certification process is described on those documents:

FSC CoC GP01 Description of Certification Process

FSC  FM GP01 Description of Certification Process
FSC®  FM SF05 Specific Conditions 

FSC Fees
The document to be completed by our clients before the audit (data collection for the calculation of FSC fees) is available here.

Complaint or appeal procedures
Use this link Customer Appeal and Complaint

FSC applicable documents relative to FSC schemes
Available on FSC Website (https://fsc.org/en/document-centre), including the applicable standards, the requirements for use of the FSC trademarks by Certificate holders, the annual fees.
You can also visit FSC  Certificates Database website in order to search any information related to FSC®  certified companies and public summary reports: https://info.fsc.org/

Locally adapted Forest Stewardship Standards
For FSC FM activities in the countries without FSC approved FM standards, Bureau Veritas Certification has designed FM generic standard and applicable locally adapted Forest Stewardship Standards valid only on clients located in those countries and regions:

  • Forest Management Generic standard - Download
  • Forest Management Referential for Thailand 2.0 - Download
  • FSC FM Bureau Veritas Standard for Taiwan 2.0 - Download